A pick, snip, or dig brings the harvest

The Suburban Farm

I’ve realized growing food as a family is a great source of nourishment but it’s become clear that the nourishment is well beyond the dinner table. The “farming” has not become extra chores, it is something that has added to our family values and the way we parent.IMG_1083[1]

It was our goal to provide fresh, good-tasting food for our children and we realized that it’s a lot cheaper to grow our own.  We grow tomatoes, smash them in a pot, and create our own spaghetti sauce. We pack it with vegetables and herbs from our own garden instead of the high-sugar store-bought version. Our bank account is happy but the taste, health, and experience is far more rich from cracking open jars of that super sauce.  This is incredibly rewarding.

Cage-free, pastured eggs are not very cheap therefore chickens are an obvious choice too. Chickens are also great pest control…

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