A pick, snip, or dig brings the harvest

Originally posted on The Suburban Farm:
I’ve realized growing food as a family is a great source of nourishment but it’s become clear that the nourishment is well beyond the dinner table. The “farming” has not become extra chores, it is something that has added to our family values and the way we parent. It…

A New Grip on Life

Often times I’ll have a student in my office who is overwhelmed with the demands of school, work, athletics, and the responsibilities and /or problems at home.  A day hardly  goes by where I’m not met with a kid who shares a personal struggle or challenge.  It’s tough being a teenager.  Interestingly enough. parents and … Continue reading

Kid Starting High School? Get Ready

  Uh oh, your “baby” isn’t a baby anymore!  Nothing makes this truth more real than your teen starting the last leg of her or his K-12 journey; high school.  Although starting high school can be overwhelming for many kids; it’s usually more daunting for mom and dad.  To help you and your teen transition … Continue reading

We Want A Finished Product

  Over the past school year I’ve had the chance to meet with and exchange ideas through email with some individuals who hold hiring and leadership positions in a multi-billion dollar global corporation.  Our discussions centered around educating youth.  Since corporations employ about half of the nation’s private sector, I thought it would be interesting … Continue reading

Why This School Counselor Loves His Job

Although I work in a school; a great portion of my time is spent interacting with adults;  parents, teachers, college admissions reps, coaches, administrators, counselors, social workers, law enforcement, and did I mention parents?  As you probably are a parent yourself (as am I), you know that parents come from all walks of life; street … Continue reading

First Lady Writes Feature Article About School Counselors

The School Counseling Profession receives national recognition at the White House.  In her feature article, the First Lady spotlights school counselors and the great impact they have on many students’ K-12, college, and career pathways. Pictured below, Cory Notestine, this year’s National School Counselor of the Year in the White House Briefing Room. Click the … Continue reading